Improve Query Performance with Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2022

Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) allows SQL Server to make dynamic, smarter decisions at runtime when processing queries. What’s more, these features are on by default when SQL Server is upgraded to a compatible version! Even better, each version of SQL Server adds more components to this suite of performance enhancements.

SQL Server 2022 debuted many new features to Intelligent Query Processing, including:
Cardinality Estimation Feedback
Degree of Parallelism Feedback
Approximate Percentile Calculations
Feedback Persistence
Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization
Optimization Replay

This session will dive into each new feature, how to make use of it, and demonstrating how it works. This is intended to provide the information needed to take full advantage of IQP when adopting SQL Server 2022.

As SQL Server evolves, the need to incorporate runtime metrics into execution plans will continue to grow. Taking advantage of Intelligent Query Processing in your current SQL Server versions will allow for easy adoption of new query processing enhancements in future versions.

Edward Pollack

Data Architect | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Albany, New York, United States


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