Memory-Optimized Data Structures in SQL Server

With each version of SQL Server, more features become available that allow for data or metadata to reside in memory. These improvements can greatly reduce contention, improve query performance, and reduce the computational overhead of frequently executed T-SQL.

This session discusses different features that allow for the use of memory-optimized data and the ideal use-cases for each. Topics include:
• Memory-optimized tables
• Natively-compiled stored procedures
• Memory-optimized TempDB metadata
• Memory-optimized table variables
• Memory-optimized table-valued parameters
• Data durability
• And more!

Effective use of memory-optimized data structures can greatly reduce locking, latching, blocking, and other common hallmarks of OLTP contention. This session will help you take control of your most critical and time-sensitive transactional processes by taking full advantage of memory-optimized data in SQL Server!

Edward Pollack

Data Architect | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Albany, New York, United States


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