Memory-Optimized TempDB Metadata in SQL Server 2019

TempDB is a natural fit for memory-optimized technology in SQL Server. The data within TempDB is 100% transient, vanishing when no longer needed or when a restart occurs.

As a common bottleneck for intermediary operations, TempDB’s contention can be broken into data and schema contention. Memory-Optimized TempDB Metadata moves some of the most common system tables for temporary objects into memory. This eliminates latching on these tables while greatly reducing or eliminating waits on them.

This feature is an easy win that requires little memory and can greatly improve SQL Server performance where TempDB is a common bottleneck. In ten minutes we will discuss how it works, how to use it, and why it is worth using!

Edward Pollack

Data Architect | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Albany, New York, United States


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