Philip Büchler

Information & Communications Technology

Security Cloud Security mobile security Enterprise Mobility and Security Office 365 Security Android Enterprise Microsoft Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Bern, Switzerland

It's never been easier to be a "learn it all"

Ever since Satya Nadellas Book "Hit Refresh" a "growth mindset" or beeing a #learnitall are entrenched in the Microsoft community. Apart from the buzzwords, it has never been easier to learn new things. And it has never been more important for Workplace professionals.
Let this talk be your guide through the interesting journey through the forest of knowledge available today. Ranging from Microsoft 365, grazing Azure and looking over to Android Enterprise.
Lets put actions behind intentions and start the Workplace Learning Journey.

Philip Büchler

Senior Cloud Architect at isolutions

Forged in the fires of Enterprise IT I crawled my way out of Enterprise Architecture, Project Management and Mobile Technologies to rise to the Cloud and implement Microsoft 365 for customers of all sizes. Also, Sketchnotes.

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