Diversity is more, much more! Living in tech as a Latino who can’t dance

I was born and raised in Argentina, then I lived +11 years in Spain and +3 years ago I moved to Canada. During the past 15 years I was an outsider, and this also impacted my professional life. I was lucky enough to travel for 5 years working in Europe, and I learned a lot on how my latino background impacted my professional career.
This session is mostly sharing what I’ve learned during these past years. How I learned to get the most from sentences like “You have a very strong accent; I don’t think you will fit this meeting. These are Senior Executives” or “Wow, your accent is amazing, our leadership team will love it!”. In both scenarios, I manage to move from frustration or surprise to a let’s focus on our business.
And it’s not only about language and accent; family, culture and even food and drinks are a part of the story. Espero que nos veamos en la sesion!

Bruno Capuano

Sr Cloud Advocate 🥑 @Microsoft

Toronto, Canada

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