Eldert Grootenboer

Information & Communications Technology

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Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Azure's Integration Platform: Building Serverless Applications

Azure provides us with the perfect toolkit of serverless components to build powerful cloud solutions. We have Azure Functions to run our custom code, Logic Apps for our workflows and easy integration, API Management for securing our data and processes, and finally Service Bus for our messaging needs. And all this truly serverless, meaning highly available, dynamic scale and allowing us to focus on logic instead of infrastructure.

In this session you will learn how to combine these services to create powerful scenarios, with minimal effort. Come and see how easy it is to get started, while still gaining a lot of possibilities.

Eldert Grootenboer

Technology Lead - Azure MVP

Eldert can be described as an Azure MVP, Technology Lead, Cloud Solution Architect, blogger, public speaker and technical author. He can regularly be seen on conferences and user groups, speaking on Cloud related topics, with a strong focus on Azure. His experience with the Cloud comes from his daily work with these technologies in many innovative projects with various clients, as well as his drive to further dive into the latest developments in his spare time. Eldert enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community, and believes this is the best way to each other obtain more and better opportunities.

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