Understanding Media Flows in Different Microsoft Teams Scenarios

Are you looking to understand more about what goes on under the hood with your Microsoft Teams Deployment? Are you looking to better optimize your deployment to provide the best possible experience for your end users? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this session is one you do not want to miss!

This session covers everything that you need to know about media flows in different scenarios with Microsoft Teams. Why might this matter? Optimizing your deployment to have the shortest path for media flow decreases points of failure, decreases latency and jitter, and provides a responsive & cleaner experience for end users. Scenarios shown will cover multiple voice and collaboration examples to cover any deployment whether you are using Teams for voice or not. Even if you are not an expert, content will be presented in a way so that anyone can understand!

Living up to the name Eric "The Lab" Marsi, an exciting live demo of how to validate media flows in your deployment will be shown.

Eric Marsi

The FNG Microsoft MVP & Systems Engineer - Calling, Meetings, & Devices at Cloud Revolution

Barberton, Ohio, United States

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