The Platform Engineer Playbook - 5 Ways to Container Security

Remember when Log4shell took the community by surprise? Developers and Platform Engineers do!

To address all layers in our defense-in-depth model, and with many containers requiring scale, a wide array of security guardrails is required.

From a developer’s shell to a platform engineer moving to a runtime in production, there are many tools and practices available to mitigate and detect would-be attackers and make their lives harder.

This session will include a live demo of the Log4Shell remote code exploit (RCE) and effective techniques to defend against vulnerabilities like it such as:
- Code & container image scanning
- Best practices for container runtime configuration
- Policy enforcement in Kubernetes
- Container authentication & authorization
- Encryption & identification for services

Join us and protect your organization from an attack on the next critical CVE and make it harder for attackers to leverage it against you!

Eric Smalling

Staff Solutions Architect @ Chainguard


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