Extending Power BI governance with Microsoft Purview

In this deep dive session, we will explore how Power BI and Microsoft Purview can work together to provide a comprehensive data governance and analytics solution. We will start by discussing the key features of each platform and how they complement each other, but also make sure where they differ from each other

Next, we will dive into real-world examples of how Power BI and Purview can be used together to gain insights from data. This will include using Purview to discover, classify, and catalog data sources. But before you can scan your Power BI tenant, we will learn you how to setup these scans within your tenant but also in a cross-tenant situation.

We will also discuss best practices and the do's and don'ts for integrating Power BI and Purview into your organization's data governance strategy, including considerations for data security and compliance.

You will learn how you can extend your Power BI Lineage with Lineage from your sources with the help of Purview.

By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of how Power BI and Purview can be used together to drive data-driven decision making in your organization.

Erwin de Kreuk

Data Platform MVP | Lead Data and AI |Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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