Eton Otieno

Information & Communications Technology

Developing Android Apps Android Tools

Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Data Binding and Kotlin

In this session, I will go through the fundamentals of Android Data Binding that helps developers bind UI components to data sources and more. This session will also be in Kotlin where I will briefly show some nice features about the language which can be adopted when using the Data Binding Library. The talk will show how Data Binding fits as a library in Android Jetpack architecture component. This session will also show developers how Data Binding plays nicely with other Android Architecture Components to design robust apps. It will also cover bits of how to keep your UI code separate from the business logic code.

Eton Otieno

Android App Developer

Eton is a passionate android developer from Nairobi, Kenya using Kotlin as his main language for development. From the many meetups he has attended, he's gained knowledge and believe's that the best way to give back to the community is to share what he's learnt in conferences and meetups.
Eton's interests lie in learning new tools and libraries that help developers increase their productivity and make work easier and more fun.

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