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Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

Interpret-Text: Building trust and power with explainability

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have a growing impact on people's lives on an every-day-level, thus it is fundamental to protect, control and understand the behavior and complexity of different models. Interpretability assists data scientists to explain, debug and validate their models, thus helping to build trust towards the model.

Interpret-Text, the innovative interpretability technique for Natural Language Processing (NLP) models has been developed by the community, and just has been announced at Microsoft Build 2020.

During this session, attendees will get an understanding about how to explain their models and then how to build a visualization dashboard that provides insights into their data, using different state-of-the-art explainers.

Eve Pardi

Microsoft AI MVP

Eva is a skilled Software Developer and Data Scientist.

Eva has been working close to Microsoft since her first years of university, as a Microsoft Student Partner first, and now as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. She has worked with Azure Infrastructure (Azure AD, Datacenters, etc.), then Mobile and Web development, and today she has expanded her focus with Data Science and the Machine Learning (ML)/AI services provided by Microsoft.

She’s a familiar face as speaker at conferences, meetups and other community events, sharing her passion for AI and how it can be used to improve life quality around the world. Board member of Global AI Community and AI42.

Eva also writes articles about her projects and researches and is mentoring and supporting people who would like to start in the field of Data Science and AI.

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