Evgeny Borzenin

Finance & Banking

Information & Communications Technology

Oslo, Norway

Are you ready for Disaster?

Azure is awesome! You provision your infrastructure, deploy your system and everything runs smoothly until one day, when suddenly there is an outage at one of the Azure services, data centers or regions.

This session will introduce you to the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery concepts. You will learn what availability requirements are, how to design for failure, what kind of deployment topologies and strategies exist and what Disaster Recovery options are available on Azure.

This talk is rated level 200-300 with a target audience of developers and architects. Even though the main focus is on Azure, some of the principles and techniques are still applicable for those of you who are hosting your systems on-premises or use other cloud providers.

The presentation advocates the use of automation, immutable infrastructure as code and DevOps.

Evgeny Borzenin

Microsoft Azure MVP | Azure Solutions Architect Expert | Senior Consultant at Konsulentselskapet Ensō AS

I am a Microsoft Azure MVP, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Azure Community and Content Hero, technical architect and developer with more than 20 years of experience, strong communication skills and love for automation.
I am currently working as a consultant at Konsulentselskapet Ensō AS and presently assigned to Vipps AS.
I have a very strong development background working with complex distributed back-end systems at the medium to big size enterprises in the financial sector. During the past 5 years, my focus has shifted towards Azure infrastructure, mainly because I feel that cloud infrastructure in general is becoming a central component of any IT. I believe that Azure, as a cloud provider, is one of the strongest players at the market.
Building up my Azure competence, I have completed AZ-300 and AZ-301 certification exams in 2019 and became an Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
Azure, DevOps, Automation, Infrastructure as Code, Immutable Infrastructure, CI/CD were on my daily agenda for the past few years.

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