Detecting and solving pain points in Angular Applications

Starting any Angular Project is easy. AngularCLI provides a great user API, scaffolding is powerful, and the first pages, components are easy to create. But when the application grows you and your team can run into a lot of problems when developing, architecting and maintaining a single page application.
Suddenly the architecture gets unmaintainable, dividing the application in logical parts is a challenge and implementing asynchronous operations is hard. Handling the application state and including third party libraries in a proper manner becomes a real challenge. In this talk Fabian Gosebrink shows typical tasks, problems and solutions for mistakes which can be found in Angular applications. We will look at different problems, understand the challenge and develop a solution for common mistakes in Angular solutions so that your next project doesn't end with "If only somebody told me this before I started my Angular SPA"

Fabian Gosebrink

Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Offering Solutions Software

Zürich, Switzerland


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