Securing your Angular App with Auth0

One of the biggest problems of applications in distributed systems is authentication and authorization and ensuring that users see the correct data. Securing Angular applications on the web can be complex due to the endless possibilities and solutions for this. Most APIs that offer data should be secured. Auth0 is a cloud identity provider that makes it possible to outsource the complete user accounting and provides OpenID Connect client APPs for tech stacks like Angular as well as any APIs, for example implemented with ASP.NET Core. In this talk, Fabian Gosebrink shows how you could secure an Angular App with Auth0, how a user can sign in and how data can be securely requested from an ASP.NET Core API. After this talk, modern security with Angular and ASP.NET Core should be no longer a problem for your project.

Fabian Gosebrink

Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Offering Solutions Software

Zürich, Switzerland


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