Fanie Reynders

Information & Communications Technology

.NET .net core ASP.NET Open Source Software Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform Cloud

Odijk, Utrecht, Netherlands

Legacy to Awesome: Migrating to .NET Core

We have all experienced legacy code, some of us still do, and that’s not fake news. There comes a time when we need to draw a line in the rubble and start making the code great again. In this session, we will get our hands dirty with moving an existing system to .NET Core and learn about the fundamentals of getting it right the first time. No need to throw away old code, let’s move to a better framework and instantly get the speed and scalability we need to move forward.

Fanie Reynders

Software Architect & Microsoft MVP

Originally from South Africa, Fanie Reynders is a Software Architect living in The Netherlands with over a decade experience in the software industry. He is the coolest dad, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft MVP and secretly a Cloud Technology Evangelist obsessed with code, architecture and shiny new tech; sharing knowledge wherever to whoever will listen. He likes teaching, writing and vlogging about the things that make him happy. Check out his blog at or follow him on Twitter @FanieReynders.

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