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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Ask Better Questions

Software is a game of insight. And insight comes from your team and its conversations.

But meetings are terrible, and not all conversations are created equal. Some are way more insightful than others. And when they are, it's usually because someone asked a better question.

Inside of a few minutes, I will show you ONE WEIRD TRICK to upgrade your human query syntax from puny and halting to open and POWERFUL. With your newfound superpower, you and your team can tap into its collective genius, and take your work to the next level.

You may even learn to look forward to meetings again.

Jon Fazzaro

Software Craftsman/Full Stack Agile Coach/Advanced Beginner, probably off looking for a cup of coffee right now. he/him

Jon took the whole nerd thing pro back at the turn of the century, and has been slinging code with Aptera since 2008. He holds an MCSD, a PSM, a PSD, a PSPO, and is a BMF besides. These days, he may or may not be unhealthily consumed with building sustainable software, and with building teams that build sustainable software. Whatever you do, don’t follow @jonfazzaro.

"Make him a permanent speaker every year. Seriously."

"Wow! Excellent. One of the best speakers embracing a change mindset."

"What you teach applies to everyone."

"Off the wall way to clearly say what I have experienced as a developer. I can use this for my developers on scrum team."

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