Can AI generate unit tests for your code? That’s the wrong question.

There's nothing quite like a suite of fast, sturdy unit tests. They stabilize your codebase, make it safe to change, and enable real software agility.

But your app is already behind schedule—who has the time to write tests? Wait, can ChatGPT do that for you?

Hold it right there.

AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot are powerful. And they will end up speeding up this whole software engineering thing in ways we can’t even dream of right now. But, like with any power tool, we don’t want to grab them from the wrong end.

I mean, should we have the robots generate the tests for the code we write? Should we write the tests and have the robots generate the code that makes them pass? Or should we just go home and let Skynet happen?

In this session, we will talk about:
- code,
- the code that tests that code, and
- who should be generating what when our new robot overlords finally take over.

Jon Fazzaro

I help people make software cheaper to change.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States


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