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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

We Don't Type for a Living: Plural Programming Practices for Productivity and Profit

"Why would I pay twice as much for two developers to do one thing? Get back to your desks!"

Pair programming is a preposterous idea. Until you see it work, and then it's not. In fact, pairing and mobbing are transformative techniques for building great software, and for building teams that build great software. And yes, Virginia, for going faster.

But we only get to cash in on that when we do it right.

So let's talk plural programming—I've been at it for years, and I'm in the mood to share. We'll turn over some pairing myths with data. We'll talk about how you don't need your boss's permission to do it. And we'll cover the pairing anti-patterns that can ruin it for everyone.

Jon Fazzaro

Software Craftsman/Full Stack Agile Coach/Advanced Beginner, probably off looking for a cup of coffee right now. he/him

Jon took the whole nerd thing pro back at the turn of the century, and has been slinging code with Aptera since 2008. He holds an MCSD, a PSM, a PSD, a PSPO, and is a BMF besides. These days, he may or may not be unhealthily consumed with building sustainable software, and with building teams that build sustainable software. Whatever you do, don’t follow @jonfazzaro.

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