Diving into Quantum Software Architecture in Azure

The age of quantum computers is at our doorstep. Thousands of eager developers are already taking advantage of the free access to quantum platforms — Microsoft Azure being one of them.

Thus, there is a natural call for architecture to start looking into the roadmap for integrating this new technology into the existing IT landscape.

Join this hands-on workshop to explore the current state of proposed architecture solutions for building, deploying, and monitoring quantum software in Azure.

Topics include:
- Introduction to quantum computing with Microsoft Azure and Q#
- Implementation of tightly coupled quantum components
- Implementation of loosely coupled quantum components
- Implementation of Infrastructure as Code provisioning
- Implementation of CI/CD pipelines

Note: Workshop will include hands-on labs. Please, bring your own fully charged laptop. You will also need to have an active Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription. Required software will be installed during the workshop.

Vyron Vasileiadis

Quantum Engineer

Barcelona, Spain

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