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HTTP/3 with .NET 6 and Kestrel

HTTP/3 is the third and upcoming major version of HTTP.

HTTP/3 uses the same semantics as HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 but instead of using TCP as the transport layer for the session, it uses QUIC, a new Internet transport protocol.

HTTP/3 and QUIC have a number of benefits including native multiplexing, 0-RTT support, and increased security.

In this session, we will learn how to enable HTTP/3 in a .NET 6 application which is served by Kestrel.

Vyron Vasileiadis

Senior Software Engineer @ BibeCoffee | MCT

Vyron Vasileiadis holds an MSc in Space Science and a BSc in Computer Science. He is a senior software engineer specializing in microservices and cloud architecture on Azure and has an active interest in quantum computing.

Being an experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer, he is passionate about education and the ecosystem and has taken over the role of mentor in several hackathons and incubators.

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