I'm a mediocre developer

There's a question that had been with me for a long time: am I a mediocre developer?
The world of software development is populated by a motley fauna, and over time I have learned to recognize the people who cross my footsteps. And it is also thanks (or through their fault) that this state of mind has matured.
I decided to share what I discovered in order to put myself in a mirror, made with other people, in order to verify if someone else has lived the same vicissitudes as me, and maybe to be able to find an answer to this question thanks to them.

I already presented this talk at italian Agile Days 2018, Brescia, and FEVR Meetup, Verona, in Italian.

Ferdinando Santacroce

Uncovering better ways of developing software and organizations

Brescia, Italy


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