Architecture for Modular Frontend Applications

The architecture pattern of microservices can be found in many modern system landscapes, which offers flexibility for the backend services. On the other side, the frontend is very often implemented as a monolith. Ideally the frontend follows a similar pattern as the backend. As a consequence, the user experience for microservice backends will no longer be based on a static monolith, but rather on a highly flexible frontend.

Microfrontend experts Florian and Lothar present a framework for implementing a highly flexible solution to integrate decoupled modules into a rich frontend application. The essential buildings blocks as part of this framework will be introduced and discussed using the open-source framework Piral as a reference implementation. One of the building blocks is a dedicated provisioning service allowing the frontend to fetch modules tailored to the current user context. Together with feature flags, this service can be used to enable a variety of advanced usage scenarios. Other important aspects are the loose coupling of contained layers to provide flexibility for realizing the required functionality or advanced tooling for building and publishing feature modules.

Florian Rappl

Solution Architect at smapiot

Munich, Germany

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