"Basic and advanced networking in Dart and Flutter" in-person workshop at Flutter&Friends conference

Most applications, be it mobile, web, or desktop, depend on some kind of backend. Thus, an API layer is an integral part of application implementation. This is a hands-on workshop, where Anna will present tools and approaches that facilitate an effective API layer implementation in Flutter and Dart applications.

We will apply this knowledge together to create a Flutter application that displays data obtained from a hosted REST API. You will walk away with knowledge about code generation in Dart and its application examples, and learn a few cool hacks on how to turn its principles to your advantage.

An in-person hands-on workshop by Anna Leushchenko at the Flutter&Friends conference on September 5, 2023
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Anna Leushchenko

Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter | Author, speaker at tech events, mentor, OSS contributor | Passionate mobile apps creator

Kyiv, Ukraine

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