"From native to Flutter in less than a year" virtual talk at WeAreDevelopers World Congress

Tide is a financial services platform with a strong presence in the UK market and very ambitious global growth plans. We’ve been developing our mobile applications using native technologies for several years, and in pursuit of a solution with better performance, maintainability, and scalability, we chose to rebuild our product with Flutter, which is an emerging open-source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

We are here to share our transformation journey: how we upskilled our native mobile engineers to Dart and Flutter, migrated our codebase to the new tech stack, and rolled out the new product to our users, ensuring the best possible transition. We will highlight the challenges we faced, the solutions we implemented, and the objectives we have achieved for our business and engineering team. We will also provide insights into the best practices and lessons learned during the process.

A virtual talk by Giorgos Ampavis and Anna Leushchenko at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress on July 27, 2023

Anna Leushchenko

Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter | Author, speaker at tech events, mentor, OSS contributor | Passionate mobile apps creator

Kyiv, Ukraine

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