"Fun with code generation" in-person talk at Flutter Vikings conference

Data models, JSON serialization, API requests, navigation, localization, dependency injection, tests, assets management are all typical tasks to be solved when developing a mature Flutter application. Quite often, it involves creating boilerplate code. It’s not only boring, time-consuming, and error-prone, but it also requires later maintenance. Code generation with build_runner makes it more fun, it allows creating only the essential code and leaving all the routine to the computer.
We’ll create a Flutter mobile application and apply the build_runner code generation technique to as many tasks as the time allows. Hopefully, it’ll be fun.

An in-person talk by Anna Leushchenko at the Flutter Vikings Conference on August 31, 2022

Anna Leushchenko

Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter | Author, speaker at tech events, mentor, OSS contributor | Passionate mobile apps creator

Kyiv, Ukraine

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