"Live technical interviews for Flutter roles" in-person talk at FlutterCon

Let’s get together for live interviews for Junior and Senior Flutter developer roles!

After a brief introduction, we jump into the heart of the talk: first, a Flutter expert will interview a fresh Flutter enthusiast for a Junior role; then, the roles reverse. Both parts will contain questions that touch on concepts likely to come up in real-life interviews, followed by a brief post-mortem. Additional Flutter interview resources are included.

After watching this talk, you will walk away with:
- An overview of key concepts:
-- for a Junior role interview
-- for a Senior role interview
- Interview best practices for interviewees and interviewers
- Confidence going into the interview process

An in-person talk by Anna Leushchenko and Sarah Fullmer at the FlutterCon on July 6, 2023

Anna Leushchenko

Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter | Author, speaker at tech events, mentor, OSS contributor | Passionate mobile apps creator

Kyiv, Ukraine

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