Power BI Dataset, Dataflow, Datamart: which to choose and why?

The recent introduction of Power BI Datamarts, still in preview, has increased the options available to the designer and the business user. There is now some confusion on this subject as to how to make a wise choice, the pros & cons of each and the related limitations and differences. But mainly, the point is that there is the belief that these 3 structures are mutually alternative which is not the case (a dataset is a must in anycase). So in my session I would 1) make a clear definition of each of the 3 entities, focusing on the fact that a dataset is mandatory in Power BI in any case and what a PBI dataset is 2) explain the key usage cases of each of the three with examples made in real time in fronte of the audience 3) discuss with the audience how to make a choice, licensing/workspace needs and the related limitations.

Francesco Bergamaschi

Consultant and Professor of BI & Analytics at Bologna University

Bologna, Italy

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