Hey, developer, DIY all the way to production

The Taboola philosophy is that developers should be independent and take ownership of their features from end to end. Taboola’s development teams don't even have QA engineers, so each developer is solely responsible for delivering a feature.

Taboola has >350 developers creating over 40 new releases a day. The transition from QA to production means exposing a new feature to 1.4B monthly unique users and up to 500K HTTP requests/sec, which is scary.

We, as the team accountable for both production stability and development experience, aim to provide Taboola's RnD developers with tools and methodologies that will help them achieve that. To accomplish this, I will describe the technologies we use, as well as the principles and culture we use.

In this talk, I will explain the steps every Taboolar needs to take from designing a new feature to fully implementing it. We enable developers to develop quickly and independently all the way to production by using tools like special canary tests and smart canary deployment on hundreds of servers worldwide.

With the help of the tools we developed and the methodologies we are using, I myself am becoming a better developer. I am becoming more creative, responsible, taking greater risks, and most importantly, enjoying my life. I will be happy to convince everyone in the audience to work as we do.

Gal Shelach

Team leader of a production team in the Infrastructure group - Taboola

Tel Aviv, Israel

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