Bonsai and Software

When the pandemic hit, I wasn't able to go back to Japan, a trip I have been wanting to make again ever since I spent a year at university. I missed my people there and also the wonderful nature you could find there, especially in spring or fall and especially in Kyōto. So I picked up Bonsai as a hobby instead.

By now my Bonsai collection has grown to seven trees and to my surprise, developing and taking care of them has given me inspiration for developing software as well.

In my talk I want to give you a very short introduction to Bonsai and talk about a few aspects of Bonsai philosophy that seem applicable to software as well. I feel that they have given me more peace in the middle of our hectic profession. I hope that I share that with you.

You should listen to my talk if
- you think that I am out of my mind
- you are interested in Bonsai
- you wonder if all of the stress in software development is necessary

Georg Berky


Dortmund, Germany

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