Expand and Contract - Deep Dive

Tooling for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code has been improving over the last years. Most source control solutions offer pipelines, builds and deployments even if you only use their free version. One might think that with all those tools readily available, deploying to production several times an hour would be easy to accomplish. This is, however, not what most teams are experiencing - and tooling usually isn't the problem.

Expand and Contract is a mindset and a way of developing essential for Continuous Delivery. In this talk I want to show you with plenty of Live Coding and a little theory which way I have taken to learn this way of developing. It started with an aversion to insecure, manual work and we will arrive at a way of programming that allows you to stop and release your work at any time - an essential requirement for Continuous Delivery.

Requirements: You should be able to read an object-oriented programming language and know the basics of refactoring. My examples will be in Java.

Georg Berky


Dortmund, Germany


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