Georgia Kalyva

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Software Development Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Soft Skills Microsoft Office365

Athens, Attica, Greece

Azure AI on-premises by using Docker

Azure Cognitive Services provide support for Docker containers to let you use the Azure APIs on-premises. In this session, we are going to see which services support containerization, the benefits a container like Docker provides and how to export, configure and install your app for use in a container.

Georgia Kalyva

AI MVP, MCT, Web Applications Developer, B.Sc, MBA

Georgia Kalyva is a Microsoft AI MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, with years of experience in software engineering and is currently working for ITT as a Web Applications Developer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is passionate about AI and Azure and has represented Greece in global competitions in Technology and Entrepreneurship. She is a member of the Microsoft Learn Ambassadors team and has taken over the role of mentor in several Microsoft competitions and trainings.

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