Georgia Kalyva

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Software Development Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Soft Skills Microsoft Office365

Athens, Attica, Greece

Harness the power of Azure Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the area of AI that deals with visual processing. In this session we are going to see how to harness the power of Azure Computer Vision for image classification, object and face detection and more. No Machine Learning expertise required!

Georgia Kalyva

AI MVP, MCT, Web Applications Developer, B.Sc, MBA

Georgia Kalyva is a Microsoft AI MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, with years of experience in software engineering and is currently working for ITT as a Web Applications Developer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is passionate about AI and Azure and has represented Greece in global competitions in Technology and Entrepreneurship. She is a member of the Microsoft Learn Ambassadors team and has taken over the role of mentor in several Microsoft competitions and trainings.

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