Adding a layer of Chocolate(y)

Following the recent announcement at Build 2018 where Microsoft said that they are going to be collaborating with Chocolatey and Boxstarter, there has never been a better time to start using these applications.

In this session, we will learn from from experienced package author, moderator and recent Chocolatey Software, Inc. employee, Gary on how to automate the installation and configuration of all the software you need to get your job done. This will include the use of open source software tools Chocolatey and Boxstarter.

Find out how to wrap each of your tools and applications in a well-specified Chocolatey package. Learn about common pitfalls and get an inside perspective on the package moderation process so that you can publish to the public repository on with confidence.

Learn how to orchestrate the installation of all your packages (including reboots) with Boxstarter. Build up a fully configured developer machine from scratch, or redeploy your test environment with ease and reliability.

However, Chocolatey is not only about packaging of existing, 3rd Party Applications. You can also apply the exact same techniques to allow your customers to download, install and upgrade your software with ease.

This talk is rated 200 with a target audience of all Windows-based developers who want to spend more time coding and less time reinstalling software.

Gary Ewan Park

Gary Ewan Park works full time on Chocolatey CLI, the package manager for Windows.

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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