How to contribute to Open Source, and not be a "jerk"!

Open Source software is EVERYWHERE! Its usage is only continuing to grow, and if you haven't already began contributing, now is the right time to start!

I have been contributing to Open Source since 2011, and I now work for an Open Source project full time. I have contributed to, and maintain, a number of reasonably popular projects including Chocolatey, Cake and GitVersion.

Along the way, I have had a number of interactions, both good and bad, with members of the Open Source community, and I would like to share some of those with you.

In this session we will look at how to you can get started in contributing to Open Source, both as a maintainer, and a contributor.

We will look at how you can avoid common pitfalls, which would otherwise result in you being referred to you as a "jerk", and/or other similar names.

Gary Ewan Park

Gary Ewan Park works full time on Chocolatey CLI, the package manager for Windows.

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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