Giulio Vian

Information & Communications Technology

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Carlow, Leinster, Ireland

How to write cloud-agnostic Terraform code

Terraform is a beautiful tool we all love; it is multi-cloud, meaning you can write code to provision resources from all major and many minor cloud providers. Sadly the code you write is vendor specific as resource descriptions are not portable between providers.
What if your boss or customer wants a cloud-agnostic solution? Do you need an external tool or Terraform language is rich enough to allow cloud-agnostic code?
I stand that 0.12 is so powerful that you can create provider-agnostic modules and write code that works the same in GCP, AWS and Azure.

Giulio Vian

Senior DevOps Engineer, Microsoft MVP

Mr. Giulio Vian is a multi-disciplinary software engineer with strong experience on production environments and extensive experience of enterprise contexts. Currently works at Unum helping teams in succeeding on their Digital Transformation initiatives.
Speaker at international conferences, he was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure DevOps category in the last five years.

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