Gopal Krishnamurthy

Fastway way to do build your Power BI reports (Live Demo)

Your Power BI reports take several hours or days to build, and you miss the flexibility and power of Microsoft Excel to format, update and present your data.
You have a beginners’ knowledge of DAX, and you wish you could do advanced DAX calculations with ease.
You have a good grasp on data modeling, but you wish there are easier ways to incorporate report features without resorting to time-consuming data model workarounds.
Only that you do not have to wish anymore with Inforiver for Power BI!
Inforiver provides the fastest way to build Power BI reports, using a lightweight & serverless architecture.
Deliver 10x productivity using a low-code / no-code experience
Kick-off your reports using ready-to-use business templates
Perform extensive formatting, layouts, and presentation using a modern toolbar experience
Insert rows/columns/measures using a visual formula engine
Leverage 1-click in-cell visualizations
Comment and annotate on data
Create instant what-if simulations and forecasts
Export to spreadsheet/pdf along with formatting
Utilize enterprise capabilities such as writeback, scheduling & broadcasting

Gopal Krishnamurthy

Founder/CEO, Inforiver

Gopal Krishnamurthy was the Founder/CEO of Visual BI Solutions(, a firm he founded in 2010 to transform the field of enterprise business intelligence and analytics. Visual BI's consulting business was acquired by Atos & Mavenwave (August 2021) and he is now leading the software business of Visual BI as Lumel Technologies inc ( He is looking Forward to Disrupting BI & Analytics Industry with Low Code / No Code Enterprise Analytics Software

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