Making the Move to GraphQL with ASP.NET Core

Developing services that strictly adhere to REST specifications is hard and can be very restrictive. Because of this, a large number of web services that claim to be RESTful are not actually REST compliant.

In our agile world of ever changing requirements, the limiting nature of REST is often the source of the bottleneck when trying to rapidly deploy our applications. Rather than fighting the REST specifications our forcing our requirements to fit into a RESTful world, you may want to consider a more flexible approach.

Give control of your data back to your application by implementing GraphQL. Your application knows what data it needs, and it should have a say in how it accesses that data.

In this session we will explore a GraphQL API built with ASP.NET Core and discuss how GraphQL makes accessing your data more flexible. We will then peek under the hood of client applications that use the API and discuss the various benefits developers can reap from working with GraphQL - such as controlling how much/little data they see and minimizing server round trips.

Gregor Dzierzon

Founder and Chief Architect - Dzierzon Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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