Migrate your ASP.NET MVC application to a SPA with Blazor and C#

If you are like many .NET development shops, you have an ASP.NET MVC application with thousands of hours of development time invested, but you are feeling the push to move into the world of client-side Single Page Applications.

Blazor builds upon the experience in which you and your team are already proficient, the Razor view engine and C#. In this session, we will discover how you can leverage your experience by considering Blazor as an alternative to Angular, React, Vue or another JavaScript framework, to migrate your MVC application to the world of client-side Single Page-dom.

Don’t throw away the hundreds of cshtml razor views you have created before you consider Blazor.

Gregor Dzierzon

Founder and Chief Architect - Dzierzon Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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