Transform binary data inside vehicles to information

Bosch is a strong developer of components, vehicle computers and electronic control units, providing functionality from windshield wiping, over anti-lock breaking, to automated driving.
Today's customer expectations as well as protection and safety requirements demand intensive testing. Bosch engineers execute hundreds of quality control checks daily, including lots of real test drives. Bosch IoT Insights provide them a data collection, decoding, processing and visualization tool - based on MongoDB. We're helping them to see their overall test coverage and allow them to review and analyze all the resulting data. Our strategy is based on the fact, that in all modern cars, functions are realized by combinations of interacting components. The functionality in Bosch IoT Insights to receive and decode communication between car components is key to analyze test outcomes.

In this talk: how car networks work and how we use this in the component development, testing and project management.

Steffen Gürtler

Senior Expert IoT Data Management at Bosch.IO

Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany

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