Hadi Tok

Finding the view

findViewById() has been something Android developers tried to avoid to reduce boilerplate and we has different ways to access the views from the code side. I will give a brief introduction to how views are created from the xml, how findViewById() works and I will talk about the alternatives like ViewBindings, DataBindings, Kotlin Synthetics and how they work. I will also talk about Compose which is the future of the android UI.

Hadi Tok

GDE on Android, Lead Android dev at Citizenme

Hadi Develops Android Applications since Android 1.6 Donut and very passionate about it. Developed a handful of Android applications since then with a variety of technical challenges. I also like to try new things. He developed software for other platforms professionally and personally. Hadi likes to share his experiences so he is writing blog posts in Turkish and English. He is really active in community slack channels to help people out and get helped. He also gives talks about Android development mostly about Kotlin related subjects. Hadi loves to learn new things and share them with people.

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