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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Microsoft Teams modern No Code Chatbot to empower teams everyday collaboration 🚀

❓Struggling to address every employee collaboration request in your Organization ? You need automating governance, internal processes & policies enforcement before providing ressources access ?
I will present the fact and the current situation : over growth of Teams creation, uncontrol and no respect for organization policies by default.
I will also present the "new" situation because Teams is now present since more than 3 years many organizations are facing a double governance need : first about the new teams creation but also a second more complicated to address about all the current and already existing Teams.

🎓Learn how you can leverage Power Platform Virtual Agent no code ChatBot to empower employee experiences inside your Digital Workplace.
I will present the difference between an experience with classic forms (Forms/PowerApps/SPO List) and ChatBot
I will also explain why ChatBot is a good strategy when we look at device usage on teams user inside different organization

👉 Fight Shadow IT, don’t let users waiting and liberate your IT teams using moderns capabilities from Microsoft365 to assist the new ways of work inside your Organization.

I will present a live demo on how to use PVA to provision Teams workspace

Hadrien-Nessim Socard

Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform Manager | Microsoft Teams MVP - @Bel

Revolution is now ... Productivity & Collaboration capacity to serve Business at scale with Governance.

As a Problem Solver I help business to leverage the POWER inside the Microsoft 365 suite.
I mix Business Application and Microsoft Teams side by side using Microsoft 365 Power Platform 🚀 🤖

My goal is to empower users, people & teams in there journey within Modern Digital Workplace Experience !

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