Hannes Lagler-Gruener

Information & Communications Technology

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Melk, Lower Austria, Austria

Azure VWan the future for your WAN

Head Quarter and Branch Offices, many companies have the same network decision. In that session, you will learn how you can use Azure Virtual Wan to connect. This session is based on theory, combined with real customer use cases, and at the end a live demo to demonstrate the power of Azure Virtual Wan.

Azure Virtual Wan the new WAN feature
Use the Cloud to optimize your network connectivity
The cloud delivers many new cool network features

Hannes Lagler-Gruener

MVP | ACP IT Solutions GMBH, Multi Cloud Architect

Hannes Lagler-Gruener is a senior cloud architect with consulting experience of more than 5 years.
The last years Hannes focused on multi cloud architecture with mainly Azure, AWS and GCP.
Hannes had deep experience in IaaS, Security, Networking, Governance and IasC. He started his carrier at one of Austrians biggest banks and changed to Microsoft Austria after a few years.
At the moment Hannes is working at ACP IT Solutions GMBH as Multi Cloud Solutions Architect mainly focused on Azure (deep dive), AWS and GCP.

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