Himanshu Patel

Conquer the Monolith Monster!

Let’s breakdown that ugly Monolithic Mountain into fine grained Domain Driven Microservices with Containerization, Orchestration, DevOps and CI/CD. We will explore this hands on journey to implement it all from scratch on your local machine!

Look at the Monolith Impacts, Risks and Limitations

Break it down into Domain Driven Microservices (Spring Boot and Kafka)

Service Registry and Routing

Config Server backed by Git

Auto-generate Service REST API Documentation

Monitoring Service Stats and Resources

Log Aggregation, Visualization and Tracing

Containerizing Microservices (Docker, CRI-O)

Orchestrating Containers (Kubernetes)

DevOps CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo)

30 to 90 Mins. Session. Could be Hands on Workshop as well. Targetted Audience : All.

Himanshu Patel

Digital Transformation Leader, Passionate Technologist and Yoga Enthusiast - Formally, Head of Middleware Technologies at Aventiv

A technologist with a solid breadth and depth, firm believer of simplistic, sustainable design and practitioner of agile methodologies and lean management Techniques.
Ability to influence Top to Down and drive executive strategic decisions pertaining to Technology and Process for the organization.
Most Importantly, keeping up very close with time and changing industry.
Help organizations transform into new era of building software systems for increased efficiency, quality & predictability while reducing the cost.
Outstanding motivator and builder of the culture full of passion, hunger to continuous improvement, positive synergy, independence, innovation and creativity.
Hands on with Spring Boot, Microservices, Docker, Vagrant, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Big Data (Hadoop, Spark), Kafka, Cloud and Virtualization (AWS, Cloudera, Azure), CI/CD and DevOps areas.
Ability to drive Development Efficiency, Tool standardization, Vendor Management, Technology Governance, Continuous Integration, Estimation, Budgeting, Build vs. Buy Analysis, Prototyping, Resource/Talent Management and Performance Reviews.

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