Fighting Slow and Flaky CI/CD Pipelines? You Need Observability

We all know that observability is a must-have for operating systems in production. But we often neglect our own backyard - our software release process. That was our mistake, which led us to wasting time and energy in handling failures in the CI/CD pipeline, and made our Developer-on-Duty (DoD) shifts tedious.

On this talk I’d like to share how we built effective observability into our CI/CD pipeline using intelligent data collection, dashboarding and alerting, to boost our response to failures and improve our quality of life on the way.

This talk will give practical guidance on how to improve observability into your CI/CD pipeline. Whether you use Jenkins like we do, or other CI/CD tools, you’ll learn how to augment them and reach higher productivity.

Dotan Horovits

Principal Developer Advocate,

Tel Aviv, Israel

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