OpenTelemetry: the Open Source Vision for Unified Observability

Everyone wants observability into their system, but find themselves with too many vendors and tools, each with its own API, SDK, agents and collectors.

In this talk Horovits will present OpenTelemetry, an ambitious open source project with the promise of a unified framework for collecting observability data. With OpenTelemetry you could instrument your application in a vendor-agnostic way, and then analyze the telemetry data in your backend tool of choice, whether Prometheus, Jaeger, Zipkin, or others.

Horovits will cover the current state of the various projects comprising OpenTelemetry (across programming languages, exporters, receivers, protocols and more), some of which are not even GA yet, and provide practical guidance on how to get started with OpenTelemetry in your own system.

Dotan Horovits

Principal Developer Advocate,

Tel Aviv, Israel

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