All you need is fast feedback loop, fast feedback loop, fast feedback loop is all you need

Have you ever been on a project where desperation can get the better of you? It was more of an odyssey to get a change working in a real environment... in less than 1 or 2 hours? Or where to do a simple experiment, the flow you must follow until you deploy your changes takes one day... if not more? Ah yes, we've all been there, haven't we?

Get ready in this session to understand how and why having the most agile feedback possible is a goal we should pursue individually, as a team goal (and in our company), seeing the many benefits it can bring us and how it can revolutionise our software development process. By minimising the time between code changes and receiving feedback, teams can accelerate bug detection, improve software quality, enhance collaboration ... and even make them happier than before. We’ll explore key components like continuous integration, automated testing, monitoring, highlighting best practices and strategies. Expect also to hear about DORA metrics, running experiments, feature flags, some numbers on costs and money savings, and cases based on real facts.

And at the end, get ready to sing along (emulating a famous band): "Fast feedback loop, fast feedback loop, fast feedback loop is all you need!" 😉

Nacho Cougil

Principal Software Engineer at Dynatrace | Java Champion

Barcelona, Spain

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