Testing API from zero to Hero

Testing API from zero to Hero

Everyone is making today microservices over HTTP => API for your application.

I will present various way to interact with them - from curl / powershell to integrating LowCode over your API.

Come join for a session that shows how to test your API!

Do you use Swagger/OpenAPI or Postman to test your API ? I have a better version for you, based on a visual code editor made by Google - Blockly , .

What if I demo you how the OpenAPI is transformed magically into Blocks that you , as a user, can drag and use ?

What if you can add multiple interactions with multiple HTTP Endpoints ?

Do not believe me - see yourself the demos at

If it seems interesting, join me at the presentation and let's collaborate at this project!

Ignat Andrei

Teacher, Programmer, Technology

Bucharest, Romania

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