Rescuing a module: How we revived an abandoned project

What happens when a project used by over 30,000 websites stops being supported? A contribution opportunity arises. This session follows a group of developers as they revive a stagnant module and contribute to open source for the first time.

There’s a lot of value in bringing something back to life rather than creating something new. The contribution ecosystem is huge and contains many abandoned modules that are still helpful and used across the web. Instead of creating something from scratch, this session explores how anyone can revive a project that already exists.

Follow as they share their experience taking over the TB Mega Menu project. Learn how they added features, including accessibility and keyboard navigation, for this powerful mega menu tool. Gain an understanding of how the module’s community came back to life and how contributing is not as scary as you may believe. Maybe they can even convince you to take over an abandoned module yourself!

Irene Dobbs

Denver, Colorado, United States

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