Jabez Magomere

Kotlin Android Architecture Android Unit Testing

Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Let's Dive into Kotlin For Backend Development with Ktor

A walkthrough into Ktor web framework as a backend alternative for Android Engineers. The objective of the session is to give attendees an overview of how Ktor approaches and addresses server side problems such as routing, content-negotiation, CORS, database, testing and hosting. The idea of the session is to provide primarily mobile engineers a viable alternative and solution to building server side applications using Kotlin i.e. Ktor. I have had experience building backend applications with Spring Boot and recently Ktor.

Jabez Magomere

Student (Computer Science) @ Strathmore University

Jabez is an Android Engineer who believes in writing meaningful code served in beautiful UI accompanied with a pinch of successful unit tests. Jabez is a 4th year student pursuing Computer Science at Strathmore University. Jabez has had professional working experience as an Android Engineer Intern at Twiga Foods. Jabez believes that Kotlin can stop reggae. Jabez pursues professional MCeeing as a side career when his unit tests fail.

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