Develop in the cloud with dev containers and GitHub Codespaces

Want to be able to work from anywhere, from any computer? Wouldn't it be nice to get started on a new project without having to install anything on your local machine, just have everything setup for you in a few minutes? And still have all the power that you are used to from your IDE.

Then dev containers and Github Codespaces are for you. Dev containers lets you specify your development environment as code, that anyone on your team can spin up and get started working on in a few seconds.

GitHub Codespaces then take this to the next level and lets you run your development environment in the cloud, just click a button and you have a new isolated development environment up and running in less than a minute! It's fully customizable, and you can still use VS Code as your IRDE just like you are used to.

Join me in this session and learn how you and your teams can benefit from using dev containers and GitHub Codespaces in your daily work

Jakob Ehn

Azure MVP - Doing cloudy DevOps things at Active Solution

Stockholm, Sweden


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